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I've been writing a series of classic video game humor pieces in my LJ, and I'm looking for feedback on them before I write more. Here's one I think everyone here might enjoy (feel free to check out my last few entries for others!):

Ghosthunters: The Lost Reveal
I found this lost scene of a reveal from the show "Ghosthunters" and decided to transcribe for you, my loyal readers:

Jason: Thanks for letting us spend the night in your house. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.
Client: I'm glad you came. I needed someone to let the world know I wasn't crazy.
Grant: Well, I think we can show you a few things that may just prove that. First of all, several of our staff reported felling "uneasy" in certain areas of your house.
Jason: True, but that doesn't provide you with any hard evidence. We also got no EVPs at all...
(*quick cut scene: Grant: EVP's are "electronic voice phenomena." That's when our recorders pick up something that we don't hear ourselves, usually whispering voices.*)
Client: I see.
Grant: One of our guys did get attacked. Unfortunately, he was too busy running and soiling himself to get any footage. We did find something on our thermal, though.
Jason: Yeah. The thermal camera picked up something I think you need to see. Here it is: http://users.tkk.fi/~eye/videogames/maze.gif
Client: That's it! That's the thing that's been trying to kill me!! I can't believe you caught it!
Grant: Yes, we definitely caught what we believe are four apparitions towards the center of your house.
Client: I can't believe it. I'm shaking. I'm actually shaking. What do I do?
Jason: Well, I noticed you left food all over the house. You may want to clean that up.
Client: That'll get rid of the ghosts?
Grant: No, it's just freakin' disgusting. Clean your damn house.
Jason: You might try eating the big dots in the corners. We think that might make the apparitions themselves edible.
Client: Really?
Jason: No. You are so screwed. You need to get the hell out of this house, man.
Client: Thanks for nuthin', bitches.
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